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Asian Engagement, Trade and Investment Strategic Plan 2015-2020

The Asian Engagement, Trade and Investment Strategic Plan outlines the Northern Territory Government’s direction for our international engagement over the next five years, from 2015 to 2020. Every year, we will review our progress towards four strategic goals and four critical enablers that will help us achieve those goals. They are:

Strategic goals

  • The Northern Territory will achieve increased economic returns from a diversified range of exports.
  • The Northern Territory will be an excellent partner for capacity-building assistance with our near neighbours.
  • Long term international investment in the Northern Territory will increase across the natural resources, infrastructure and tourism sectors.
  • The Northern Territory will be positioned as a pre-eminent supply and service hub in our region.

Critical enablers

  • The Northern Territory will have strong relationships with more Asian partners.
  • Northern Territory businesses will be more internationally competitive.
  • The Northern Territory will have sustainable international transportation links with our major trading partners.
  • The Northern Territory’s profile will be better recognised and what we have to offer better understood by our Asian partners.

Economic Development Strategy Framework

This strategy supports the Northern Territory Government’s Economic Development Strategy goal to create a prosperous economy under the Government’s Framing the Future and Northern Australia development agendas.

For further information on the strategic plan, please contact investment@nt.gov.au

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