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Tellus Chandler Salt Mine

Tellus evaluated six rock salt provinces across Australia before choosing the Amadeus Basin in the Northern Territory, aided in the selection by geoscientific data made available at no cost to industry by the Northern Territory Government.

Though an initial mine life of 25 years is planned, at a salt production rate of 500 000 tonnes per annum, the underground deposit is so huge the potential mine life is virtually limitless.

Creating the remarkable

The project was awarded Major Project status in 2014 and a definitive feasibility study is due for completion in 2017. Mining approvals are currently being sought for a +25 year operation, with an estimated capital construction cost of $566 million. Processing plant pilot work has been completed in the United States and Germany.

Under the project’s development timeline, construction commences in 2018, storage revenue also commences in 2020 and salt production commences in 2022.

Tellus had free access to government records of previous drilling, including core samples which were able to be sent for laboratory testing for salt content.

The Director of Mining Facilitation and Development in the Department of Primary Industry and Resources continues to assist Tellus through Australian and Northern Territory Government licensing and approval processes for both mining and waste storage. This dedicated senior officer provides ready access to key ministers and decision-makers and facilitation of information across departments and key industry stakeholders.

Since 2012, Tellus has been a regular participant on Northern Territory Government investment attraction delegations to China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, building Asian relationships and attracting firm interest - in industrial and edible salt, service and equipment supply, funding research and development.

"Tellus would like to thank the Northern Territory Government for their support through the Northern Territory Government’s Trade Support Scheme and facilitating discussions with Chinese buyers, potential investors and key stakeholders. We achieved all our objectives."

Duncan Van Der Merwe
Managing Director
Tellus Holdings

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